There are many benefits to installing Polycore Shutters on your windows. They are durable and scratch-resistant, with baked-on waterborne paint. Unlike traditional wood shutters, they do not require maintenance or care and are fire-resistant. They are a great choice for homeowners who are concerned about safety. You don’t have to worry about pets destroying traditional blinds either. Moreover, they are scratch-resistant and provide additional visibility, making them an ideal choice for homes with children or pets.


Wood is one of the most durable and beautiful materials available. This material is truly one-of-a-kind, adding value to any home. However, it is expensive, so it is not a practical option for every home. If you want to get shutters for your windows, consider the cost of polycore. Polycore is a synthetic material made of a co-extruded aluminum core and a waterborne paint finish. It is much more durable than wood, is rust-resistant, and is fire-retardant.
Polycore shutters have many advantages. They are a cost-effective option for window treatments and provide complete protection against the harmful rays of the sun. They also prevent the color from fading, which is important for furniture and other items. Since Polycore is a synthetic material, it is more affordable than wood, and you can customize the material to fit the specific needs of your home. Its durable nature makes it a better choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money on window coverings.
Aside from being durable and attractive, Polycore shutters also require low maintenance. You won’t have to worry about repainting, or replacing your shutters because they look faded and shabby. And, unlike wood, Polycore is a good choice for those who need to keep their windows protected from moisture. They also don’t warp, peel, or peel. And, they’re fire retardant!
Polycore shutters are a great option for those who want to reduce their energy bill. They are low-maintenance and are easy to clean. They will not fade, warp, or peel, and are UV and insect resistant. Choosing Polycore Shutters is a great investment for any home. They’ll increase the value of your home and lower energy bills. These windows should be protected at all times. This way, you won’t have to worry about rotting.
The beauty of Polycore shutters is that they are very durable and will not warp. They are also moisture- and fire-resistant. They are also easy to maintain. They won’t splinter or warp over time. In addition, they won’t absorb odors. If you need to replace your Polycore shutters, you can do it yourself, or have them professionally installed by a professional. You’ll be glad you did!
Polycore shutters offer complete protection from damaging UV rays. They will prevent fading of the color of your furniture. They’ll also keep your home cooler by blocking out heat. Unlike wooden shutters, Polycore is more durable than wooden shutters and will last for years. They can be installed in less than an hour. A skilled professional will install them for you and will be sure to tell you how they’ll look in your home.
Polycore shutters have several benefits. The material is durable, offers instant beauty, and is fire retardant. If you’re concerned about maintenance, consider Polycore. It’s more durable than wooden shutters and won’t warp or split. Moreover, it’s more cost-effective than wood. If you’re looking for a shutter that will last for a long time, it will add value to your home.
If you’re considering shutters for your windows, a great option is a wood. It’s one of a kind and is unique, making it a good investment. But if you’re worried about the cost, consider Polycore instead. It’s a great choice for homes with low-priced shutters. The best option is to have both wood and polycore. You can choose any combination of the two depending on the design of your home.
Polycore shutters can also be durable. The co-extruded aluminum core of these shutters ensures their durability and moisture resistance. In addition, the wood-based slats are made with a tight-grained, rounded strand of wood. The shutters have a natural wood-like appearance and are fire retardant. You can even purchase a shutter with a high-end finish.