intimate photography

Intimate photography offers a wide range of lingerie, bridal lingerie, and shoes to choose from. Boudoir photos for that particular person are made just how you always wanted your personality and expressions to shine through. Beautiful, candid boudoir photos are more than just the right lingerie, lighting, and posing. They are a celebration of you and your feelings. Here are some tips for preparing boudoir photos:

-You can always call or email the photographer to set up an appointment. It is highly recommended because it gives the photographer time to figure out what you want. You may be excited about getting your first intimate photography session, and I highly recommend it. When you have a consultation, it allows the photographer to get a better idea of your vision and style.

-Wear loose clothes around your shoulders and hips. Your accessories should include your engagement ring and perhaps your wedding band. A boudoir photographer won’t be able to see much of your skin, so keep that in mind. Tight clothing and sexy undergarments will enhance the feel of your intimate photography shoot.

-Shoot in natural light. A studio setting with artificial lights will make you feel like you are doing a lot of modeling. The environment in your home is more personal and will flow better in your photo session. You should also not use too many props because it will only distract the photographer and won’t get as much of a clear shot.

-The studio is perfect for a boudoir session. Most women love to be photographed in a private setting. The intimacy is enhanced because it is out of the ordinary and the photographer can capture what you are feeling and how you are feeling. You can request to be photographed in a quiet place if needed or ask if there is anywhere you would prefer to be photographed. If you have chosen to be photographed in a studio, you should be given all of the privacy you would like including sound proofing.

-If you aren’t comfortable with wearing lingerie or revealing your skin, you shouldn’t be photographed. The professional photographers that specialize in intimate photography have seen everything and know how to show photos of women in various sexy, revealing outfits. It’s called taking pictures of women, not of you.

-Shoot in the nude. That is what most models used to do. They never wore red clothes or posed with their husband or significant other in front of the studio mirror. I encourage you to try this approach but stay away from posing while naked. Your clients expect photographs of you while in your element so don’t create a stir.

-Make sure you have a contract for your boudoir images. A contract helps protect you as well as your clients. Boudoir photography ideas should be approached in a casual manner. You will need to make arrangements with your client to be photographed in an area or location that makes them comfortable. If you don’t feel confident about the space you will be photographed in, you should not take the images.

-Avoid the glamor photography shoot. I always cringe when I see models on a glamour shoot. These are usually posed with large jewelry and accessories. These types of boudoir images can intimidate most clients and often end up on the scrapbook shelf. Focus more on portrait style photography where the focus is more on capturing the essence of the subject.

-Don’t hire a professional photographer. If you want to have a memorable photo session, remember that you are in control. If you think about it, most of the photos you take during a photo session were taken by the professional photographer who booked the photo session. You hired them, you paid them. Focus on the quality of the images you take and they will come.

-Shoot your photography sessions at your home studio. This allows you to focus on taking images in a relaxed setting, instead of trying to do multiple shots outside or inside the studio. Many women love to go out and photograph but they often dread the idea of showing these images in a crowded environment. Simply put, a private setting will allow you to be comfortable and relax, which will allow you to produce better images.

If you follow these simple tips you will have more success with your intimate boudoir photography sessions. Remember to take the time to plan each session and be prepared. Don’t worry if you don’t think you can do the entire set in one sitting. Take a few breaks, set up in another room, and return to take several photographs as the evening progresses.